Published in South Jeff Journal, January 2015

By Heather Berry

What changes in your life do you want to make?

The decisions we make today are the realities we will experience tomorrow.

I’m going to take this one step further. The actions we take today are the realities we will experience tomorrow.

For the past week, I’ve also been eating, God help me, Kale. While I would much prefer to eat Gram’s fried cheese curds over the kale, I’ve been sticking to the kale alone. It’s like eating those weeds I pull when I garden…the prickly ones. Unpleasant, but necessary to reach a goal of regaining some of the good health I’ve lost in the past few years.

In my experience, setting the goal is the first action in making any change.

You have to know where you want to go before you map out how to get there.

What things in your life do you want to change? Name five things you want gone from your life or improved. Name five crazy, impossible dreams you have for yourself.

Last week, I mentioned a few goals I have for the next year and beyond.

I mentioned how I’ve been through some stuff. And, I’ve learned a lot. (If God is reading, I’m good. No need to send any more lessons my way).

I received a healthy positive response to last week’s column. This got me thinking (always a dangerous thing). I recently watched a documentary about the differences in people who achieve goals and maintain the changes and those who don’t. The main difference was support.

Folks who gather like-minded individuals around them for support and accountability have a better chance of reaching goals like weight-loss, increased income, tackling debt and the like.

And, as luck would have it, we have started this social media presence for the South Jeff Journal with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

So, instead of following Harry Styles of the band One Direction, as my 12-year-old daughter suggested, I’m thinking we could use these social media sites to gather some support for anyone interested in making some lifestyle changes.

I’m inviting anyone in the South Jeff area who is interested in making some changes in 2015, to join us on Facebook in order to create an atmosphere of change. Doesn’t matter what the goal is, as long as you are interested in making it happen. All you need is the desire to reach your goal.

One of the things I’ve learned in the school of hard knocks is how to set a goal and reach it. Even in the face of some daunting obstacles, I’ve developed the tools to persevere.

I know there are others in the area who have incredible stories to tell and have wisdom to share. Please, feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on this topic as we move through the weeks ahead.

The first step in reaching any goal is creating a clear vision.

I believe we each have everything we need to achieve even the most far out goals. Don’t limit yourself.

I have a strong faith in God, so I pray and listen hard when it comes to creating a vision of what I’m after. Even if you have different beliefs, I think it’s necessary to get quiet and peaceful when you come up with your goals.

If you are a visual person, get some poster board and spend an afternoon creating a collage of magazine pictures illustrating what you want. The sky is the limit.

Start with the vision. Define it. Get specific. Narrow down the goals to a few if you begin to feel overwhelmed. Pick one to three things you want to change in your life.

Share your goals if you so desire. Share your progress.

And, for the record, I looked up drum lessons and priced used snowmobiles. I will keep you posted.