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Derek Locklear, at CoachDerek.com, needed marketing material to promote the many different health/exercise camps and programs his team provides for children in the L.A.-area.

Coach Derek needs material adaptable to parents, schools and local organizations. Material must be easy-to-use for his staff and area promoters.

My client likes color in his promotions. He asked me to infuse some energy, illustrating the way his team performs.

Everything we created was easily adaptable for future events and set up for use as a social media post, or print flyer.

We created a multi-pronged approach:

  • Email marketing blast to promote spring/summer camps.
  • Simultaneous social media blitz.
  • Variety of flyers for use as Facebook and social media posts.
  • Video brochure aimed at schools.
  • Three-month strategy for getting families to register for summer camp.