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Adventures with Hedgepig


Hedgepig was a bored Asheville pig.

He was tired of the same ol’ organic hay and the same ol’ expensive dill and carrot cookie treats. He was tired of his fancy chew toys.

Hedgepig wanted some excitement. He wanted to see the world. He wanted to be a free-range pig.

He’d read about pigs making news. Pigs on Broadway, astronaut pigs, celebrated chef pigs; these are the pigs he wanted to meet.

He’d spent his young life looking at the same four walls of his customized, modernized, sleek, haute couture, Guinea pig cage. He needed be out there with the pigs movin’ and shakin.’ He wanted to meet these pigs on Broadway and in space. You know, the pigs making a difference.

So, as much he loved his family, he opened his Barbie suitcase and filled it with organic dill and carrot cookie treats.

He bade farewell to his best friend, a chocolate lab, Midge, who honestly didn’t seem to notice when Hedgepig began sobbing his “Goodbyes.”

…What will Hedgepig do? Will he leave Asheville? Will he make it further than Plant? Stay tuned for more Adventures with Hedgepig…